Weight Loss Program


Refining your silhouette is a very frequent request and the answer may vary depending on the objective you are looking to achieve.
That is why, in the Otelina beauty salons of Nyon and Geneva, we offer a wide range of professional services.
These are all medical devices that can be done alone or in combination.
Our slimming program manager and doctor Catherine Larnier, the center director, are there to help you choose the appropriate techniques for visible results and to match your expectations.
A good diet and a healthy lifestyle are also key elements of a weight loss program.

Remodeling consultation

Offered in case of treatment

Remodeling consultation Nyon and Geneva


Sothys slimming treatment

Complete slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all cellulites.
Precisely adapted to each client, this 1 hour and 15 minutes long treatment is realized following a Sothys exclusive protocol composed of new products with incredibly sensory textures
Exfoliation and body wrap followed by an anti-cellulite massage using a slimming gel.

Sothys slimming treatment Nyon and Geneva

Anti-cellulite massage

Body remodeling, effectively and safely. This technique of drainage and manual palpate-rolling will eliminate cellulite.

Anti-cellulite bamboo massage

The use of bamboo makes it possible to work in depth with the encrusted cellulite without damaging the blood vessels.
Your skin is firm, the dimples are diminished, the body is refined.

LPG endermologie treatment

State-of-the-art technology with sequential suction combined with a roller and motorized damper that work together to stimulate and mobilize tissue in all its dimensions
Results are visible as early as the third session.
Personalized treatments: buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, knees, calves.

LPG Nyon and Geneva



Refine your silhouette selectively and non-invasively.
The fat cells (adipocytes) in the skin tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids, making them particularly sensitive to cold compared to other skin components.
This feature allows natural adipocyte degradation without damaging adjacent tissues.
The lipids released by the cells will be eliminated by the natural metabolism of your body.

HOW MANY SESSIONS ARE NEEDED AND WITH WHAT RESULTS? Depending on the depth of the adipose tissue and the desired reduction, it will take between 1 and 2 sessions per zone.
Our medical lipocryolysis device can treat 2 areas simultaneously.
The treatment of an area varies between 30 and 60 minutes.
The result of the session will already be visible after 15 days, but it is necessary to wait at least 6 weeks to evaluate the results and decide if it is necessary to make a new session.

The process is not painful.
We feel a suction at the zone because of the action of the vacuum, and a sensation of localized cold, especially at the beginning of the session.
Usually, there is redness and numbness in the area that can last two hours after the session.
Exceptionally, it may appear a slight hematoma that will go away after a few days with normal activity, without any discomfort, immediately after the session.

Lipocryolysis Nyon and Geneva

LPG endermologie treatment

Targeted destocking of localized fat thanks to its new Alliance technology.
Personalized treatments: arms, back, waist, belly, breeches, double chin.

     Nyon Geneva

LPG Nyon and Geneva

HIFU Ultraskin treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is used to destroy fat cells and remove localized roundness.
High Intensity Ultrasound penetrates deeply, they will target the adipose tissue.
The fat cells will release the fat that will be eliminated by the lymphatic system
- Treat love handles
- Have a flat and firm stomach
- Treat the double chin
One treatment is enough in the majority of cases.
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes
An effect on the tissues is visible after a few weeks and is strengthening for 3 months.




Technique that will exert pressure and decompression on the body part. These movements stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as the function of eliminating toxins.
This directly effects problems of heavy legs but also on the areas where cellulite is lodged. This results in a refinement of the legs.
Well-being is felt from the first session on a circulatory and physical level.
The higher the frequency of the sessions, the more you will obtain results on your health and your figure.

     Nyon Geneva

Lymphatic drainage massage

Problems with heavy legs, stress, fatigue, water retention or bloating: lymphatic drainage is for you.
We empty the lymph nodes with pressures and very gentle movements from bottom to top, blood circulation is reactivated.

Lymphatic drainage massage Geneva et Nyon


Exilis Elite

Exilis Elite is a last generation device combining radiofrequency and ultrasound to achieve an effect on cellulite as well as firming for tissues distended by fat or after childbirth.
The treatment requires sessions performed 8-10 days apart over a period of 4 to 8 weeks.

LPG Nyon and Geneva

HIFU Ultraskin treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is used to re-tension the skin and achieve a lifting effect.
Thanks to different depths of fire, our latest-generation Ultraskin medical device can act on the dermis of the skin and induce neocollagenesis to induce a skin lift without surgery.
- Firm skin (belly, arms, ...)
- Have a flat stomach and firm
- Treat the double chin
One treatment is enough in the majority of cases.
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes
An immediate lifting effect is visible and is reinforced after a few weeks.